Fine Australian Labradoodle Puppies

Born in the USA


           Our puppies:
                  from our hands and hearts to yours  

       We have two litters! 

We have a full Australian litter out of our small miniature Suzie and larger miniature male Breeze born on October 25th.  Some are a curly fleece coat and some will be more of a loose curly coat but all are adorable. They will be around 20 to 25 pounds when grown.

We only have one boy still available.  This boy will be a miniature, non shed and allergy friendly.  He comes pre-loved and full of fun.  He will be ready to come to your home by Sunday, Dec. 20th.  He will fill your heart and home with love for the holidays!

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Yankee Doodles specializes in raising healthy, quality family puppies.  We have your new family member ready now in all colors from tiny miniature to medium sizes! 
Let us help you choose your perfect pet.

 I am a breeder of the pure Australian Labradoodle and was one of the very first to import this dog from Australia in 2001.  My dogs have Rutland Manor and Tegan Park in their pedigrees and go back six or seven generations. I did belong to the ALCA but had to separate myself from this club as we do not share the same view on the early spay and neuter that their rules insist breeder members follow. I believe this is harmful to the pup and to the dog as it ages.  Therefore I will NOT subject my puppies to this process.  I trust my puppy parents or would not let them have one of my dogs and sell under a neuter/spay contract.  I have removed the  ALCA label from my site.  This in no way indicates my dogs are not Australian labradoodle or are inferior to the dogs registered with the ALCA in any way.  I do own dogs that could be and that were registered in their club. I just believe the well being of my dogs comes first and if even one pup dies due to early spay and neuter (and they do die)  it is too many!









EMail  us
Sorry, there has been a problem with this email, please try if you have had difficulty reaching us!

Yankee Doodles is devoted to raising the Australian Multigenerational Labradoodle. We concentrate on temperament and health.Our first Australian Labradoodle was imported from Tegan Park, Australia in 2001.  Tegan Park's Katie Jewel is retiring this year from raising puppies and will be busy with her pet therapy work around town.  We do have her daughter Lil Angel here to continue her line.

All of our breeding dogs are also our family pets and our puppies are raised in the house with us.  We are there for every birth and the puppies are born into our hands and handled with love every day.  My neice (12 years old)  and nephew (10 years old)  live rght next door and are my devoted puppy handlers so our puppies are very used to children.  Our puppies come with up-to-date shots, a microchip, a two year warranty against inherited disorders and a lifetime of support from us.

We welcome visitors who call ahead.  We are located at 3132 N. Lone Elm Ave, Joplin, MO 64801 and our phone number is 1-417-438-5388.


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